The Big Knit

Hello my lovelies! I’m sure at some stage in your life you’ve all had an Innocent Smoothie. yes? delish. But this year, I heard of a little thing called “The Big Knit”. This is where you knit a little hat for an innocent smoothie bottle and send it off to the people at Innocent, and they will be-hat a bottle and send it out to the shops, where for every smoothie that’s bought, 25c will be donated to Age Action Ireland. I thought this was amazingly cool.

    Now, how I came across this “Big Knit” is an odd tale. There happened to be only six people in my Home Ec class one day and our lovely teacher didn’t want to give a heavy workload to a mere six people- what a clever woman! So she produced knitting needles and a few balls of wool, and told us all about “The Big Knit” and taught us HOW to knit and here we are, in the blogosphere, as I record my journey through knitting-land! Yay!

First step- knit an awesome little mini hat using the instruction found HERE. Mine’s purple, naturally!

                                                                        You guys want to enter? Click up there, all the info’s on that page! 


Thats all I have done so far, but once I have it decorated I will post again!