Eight Things To Do During The Summer

I have created a bucket list for summer 2012. I am GOING to do do these eight things, if it takes me through volcanic acid or swarms of bees, I will do it.


1. Bake more. Cook more. Therefore, (luckily) EAT NICE THINGS!

2. Write more. Short stories, poems, what I think I would be like if I was a cat. Actually, I really want to write that, like, NOW.

3. Make more. I have oodles of time on my hands, so I might as well put it to good use and do a few DIYs. Particularly decor DIY’s which brings us to number……

4. Decorate my bedroom. I am always doing it, then putting it off, then doing it again, but this summer…. I shall decorate until there is nothing left to decorate.

5. Explore. Photowalks… everyone benefits, right?

6. Try my best to get tickets to Castlepalooza. I simply MUST.

7.  Make friendship bracelets and give them to strangers. Who doesn’t love a bit of friendliness, however random it may be. So, watch out, people in Tullamore, a randomer giving out friendship bracelets is around somewhere!

8.  Cycle with no destination. Fun.