Floral Deer DIY

I saw a couple of these floating around on different blogs and I had fake flowers on hand, and also some turquoise silk. I thought the blue would look good with the orange- and I was right. So I made this…..


You will need:   2 fake flowers

                                some scrap fabric

                                white  cardboard (I used the lid of a box)

                                 Black marker

                                 hot glue gun (you could use ordinary PVA either)



1. Make a deer head template on paper. I had to use two pieces of paper to fit in the antlers.

2. Put your template on the back of your cardboard and draw around it.

3. Now for the frustrating bit… cut the cardboard. I did it with a scissors, but if that’s too hard you could use a cutter. Or a bloody chainsaw, it’s that awkward.

4. Draw a scribbly sort of outline on the cardboard and decide where you want to put the flowers. Cut off the stems and cut out some leaf shapes from the scrap fabric.

5. Decide where you want to put the “leaves” and flowers- then GLUE!

6. Let it dry before you hang it!



Why, Hello There, Fringed Necklace!

I found something interesting in a magazine lately. A fringed necklace. A very nice fringed necklace, I might add. But it was rather big, and not totally wearable in everyday outfits, and also it was £32 for string attatched to a chain with a few beads hanging off it. So I made this in the hope that I would wear a fringed necklace, yet make it easier to wear, and easier on the funds.

For this DIY you will need:

A chain- robbed off an old unused necklace- zero euro

x2 colours Embroidery thread- on hand- zero euro

Beads/Feathers etc. (optional)- taken from old unworn jewellry- zero euro


How to:

1. Decide on the pattern of your colours, and how wide or narrow your area of fringe is going to be.

2. Cut the thread double the length you want it hanging off the chain, then attatch it to the chain using that odd looping knot thing.

3. When you have finished looping and knotting, trim the thread to the same size. Then attatch different embellishments to the chain also. I personally think feathers would look very festivally- but in a good way of course!

Done! It really is that simple.



For When You Clear Out DIY

I had a massive spring clean of my bedroom today. I had lots of assorted JUNK lying around in piles and I REALLY needed to put them into something. So I got out the boxes I keep for no apparent reason, in the hope they will become useful (they did!) and the silicone cupcake cases, and this is what I made…For this you’ll need a minimum of two boxes, or as many as you need. Make sure they have lids. Also find a pair of knitting needles, because I used them to stab holes in the sides of the box. Finally get yourself some glue and you’re set!

Firstly, gather all your junk. Decide what type boxes you’ll need based on that, whether they will be big or small, narrow or wide, the works. Then try to arrange the smaller ones on the lid of the big one, so when you lift the lid of the botom box, everything will come with it.

What I did was simple enough, use a rectangular box on the bottom, so you can use the square box and the lid on top. See the pictures, GOD this DIY is hard to explain. Essentially you are just building a box thing.

So with the lid and the box beside each other on the rectangular lid, glue three silicone cupcake cases onto the square lid. I use the same chain for a lot of pendants, so the pendants were the perfect size for these. Now, for glueing the square lid down, I glued the side of it to the square box, because it was much easier than trying to put glue on barely-there widths of cardboard.

Simple? ish. The piccs will help, really, its very simple. Now stab some holes in the sides of the box with the knitting needles, to hang earrings on. Now just let it dry.


What I Did with the Leftovers

This is what I did with the leftover lace from the Lace Panelled Cardigan I made.

I cut about five semi-circles from the lace, and scrunched up the bottom of them to make a petal shape. I stitched all these together to make a flower corsage-y thing. I then stitched it onto a bag, and made a cute clutch! J’adore.

PS- You must excuse my half-on half-off manicure!


Panelled Lace Cardigan

YOU WILL NEED a cardigan, a sheet of lace, a zipper, scissors and thread.

Firstly, cut the lace into the same shape as the back panel of the cardi, but about 2cm bigger. Fold over the lace as you sew along, hemming as you go. Sew the top and down the sides but not the bottom. Slit up the middle and attatch the zipper, then you can hem the bottom. It does take a while, but is completely worth it!

DIY Mint “Box” Bag

Okay, so I was obsessed with “box bags” there for a while and just couldn’t find a cheap/nice one anywhere! SO I mixed my love of mint green and box bags…. and got this? You’ll need any class of a sunglasses case, I got mine for three euro in Penneys (I love a steal!) You’ll also need a charm bracelet. My Mam gave me mine so I spent  exactly nothing on it. I also used an elasticated belt I inherited from someone…. Thanks whoever owned it!

First, cut teeny bits off the elastic and loop it through one of the jump rings on the bracelet, and keep it in the loop shape by a few stitches. Now, if use your nail to take away part of the inside of the case, you’ll find it’s soft plastic so sew the loop onto it. Sounds confusing now, but look at the pictures, it’ll help. Do the same the other side of the bracelet and make the handle of the bag. There you go, a cutesy new bag! Here are the pictures:

Star Frame DIY

Back to my list (that is as long as my arm) of DIY posts. Here is a frame made from an old sweet tin, as the lid was bent and it wouldn’t close.

You’ll need an old sweet/biscuit tin, newspaper, PVA glue, and some photos and keepsakes.


Step One: Start ripping up newspaper and glueing it to the tin. Rip, glue, rip, glue, rip, glue. Then when it’s completely covered, cover it in glue some more.

Step Two: When the glue-y newspaper-y tin is dry, arrange your photos and bits and bobs inside. Then…. glue them on! God, glue is good.

Step Three: Wait for it to dry, yet again, then, when it’s bone dry… hang and admire.


Don’t throw that out!

3 reasons you don’t throw out old stuff!

1. Tights. A ladder in a pair of tights CAN be a nightmare, but it can also work out GREAT if you know how to handle it. Make even more holes and ladders in them with some handy scissorswork and pile on a pair of patterned tights under them. By the way, pink leopard print tights and blue holey ones are pretty amazers.

2. Tops. It doesn’t sit right. It’s gone out of shape. You just downright hate it. Any of the above? If it doesnt sit right, turning it into a tank top works wonders. If its gone out of shape, turn it into a tank top, THEN sew the bottom up for an eco-friendly, handmade, pretty pretty tote bag. Hate it? Keep it. Patchwork pillows don’t make themselves, you know. Collect a few more horrible t-shirts and you’ll have a pretty pillow cover.

3. Jeans. Too short? Make them even shorter! Roll up the bottoms for cute cropped skinnies or go for the big chop and make a pair of shorts. If you want the shorts kinda frayed, just cut them and over time they’ll be more and more fray-ier. Or you could cut them a few inches longer than necessary and roll them up and then safety pin them in place on the sides. That makes them look rather punk-ish/indie.

Missed ye, love annie.