A Very Wet Adventure

We went up the mountains in Clonaslee today to Glenbarrow Waterfall. I think it was really pretty, and for those of you who live in Ireland or plan on coming to see us here in Ireland, go climbing there, it is quite fun. I heard some funny stories of when my Mam used to go to Glenbarrow as a kid with my dad, and an incident involving the ruin of a brand new pair of suede shoes…. Mollie, (my little blister- sorry, I really was meant to write sister 😉  ) fell in and had a bit of a moment while we were paddling, but we had fun all the same! Here are some pictures:


Daisy Chains and Bluebells

Today we walked through Charleville Woods, and made daisy chains with my little sister in the back garden. In Ireland we are getting a heatwave at the moment (25 degrees!!!) and we are all sweltering in the heat. So we climbed the King Oak, and walked the dog. We also got ice cream on the way home… yum. here are the pictures of the two of us:


Music Shots

I adore photographing guitar players. I don’t know why, but I just think they are the best (and easiest) people to photograph because they are all so natural in their playing. Here are one or two of my Dad: