DIY Mint “Box” Bag

Okay, so I was obsessed with “box bags” there for a while and just couldn’t find a cheap/nice one anywhere! SO I mixed my love of mint green and box bags…. and got this? You’ll need any class of a sunglasses case, I got mine for three euro in Penneys (I love a steal!) You’ll also need a charm bracelet. My Mam gave me mine so I spent  exactly nothing on it. I also used an elasticated belt I inherited from someone…. Thanks whoever owned it!

First, cut teeny bits off the elastic and loop it through one of the jump rings on the bracelet, and keep it in the loop shape by a few stitches. Now, if use your nail to take away part of the inside of the case, you’ll find it’s soft plastic so sew the loop onto it. Sounds confusing now, but look at the pictures, it’ll help. Do the same the other side of the bracelet and make the handle of the bag. There you go, a cutesy new bag! Here are the pictures: