A Bit of a Read- Sense and Sensibility

If you say Jane Austen nowadays, you can hear someone say, “Can I download that to my e-reader?” Well, yeah, you can, but go and buy the book. Go to a little bookshop down the road in your town and BUY this book. With MONEY. Not on a SCREEN. This is what wrecks my head. I have no problems with going digital, but leave my books alone. Especially the ones that were originally printed in the 1800’s? If Jane Austen could see this right now she would probably die all over again. And nobody wants that now, do they?

So go buy Sense and Sensibility. Or if you ALL heed my advice and Sense and Sensibilty is sold out, buy Pride and Prejudice. But don’t now go to Amazon and click, go put on your coat and get on your bike and go buy a book. It will be good for you. Bonus points if you wear a hippie skirt- I just love those.