Don’t throw that out!

3 reasons you don’t throw out old stuff!

1. Tights. A ladder in a pair of tights CAN be a nightmare, but it can also work out GREAT if you know how to handle it. Make even more holes and ladders in them with some handy scissorswork and pile on a pair of patterned tights under them. By the way, pink leopard print tights and blue holey ones are pretty amazers.

2. Tops. It doesn’t sit right. It’s gone out of shape. You just downright hate it. Any of the above? If it doesnt sit right, turning it into a tank top works wonders. If its gone out of shape, turn it into a tank top, THEN sew the bottom up for an eco-friendly, handmade, pretty pretty tote bag. Hate it? Keep it. Patchwork pillows don’t make themselves, you know. Collect a few more horrible t-shirts and you’ll have a pretty pillow cover.

3. Jeans. Too short? Make them even shorter! Roll up the bottoms for cute cropped skinnies or go for the big chop and make a pair of shorts. If you want the shorts kinda frayed, just cut them and over time they’ll be more and more fray-ier. Or you could cut them a few inches longer than necessary and roll them up and then safety pin them in place on the sides. That makes them look rather punk-ish/indie.

Missed ye, love annie.