Good News and Bad News

Hello my lovelies! I suppose I should start with the bad news… I am going away for a while (I should be back blogging by Saturday) and I will have no to the internet! It will really make me think about how much I rely on the wonderweb. And also I shall probably think of all the different names I have for this wonderful interweb.

     The good news! I am planning on doing my first set of outfit posts when I get back, and also sharing all the pictures from my holliers and the pictures from the Titanic Museum in Belfast where I shall be for 3 and1/2 hours on Friday. Yes, it really DOES take that amount of time! Also an update… PS- I Made That now has a facebook page!  (With a total of two likes so far, my aunt and my uncle. so help is needed here) And another update- I painted my nails… and am just about to write a DIY for my nail art. SO…. byeee!                                                                           annie xo