Why, Hello There, Fringed Necklace!

I found something interesting in a magazine lately. A fringed necklace. A very nice fringed necklace, I might add. But it was rather big, and not totally wearable in everyday outfits, and also it was £32 for string attatched to a chain with a few beads hanging off it. So I made this in the hope that I would wear a fringed necklace, yet make it easier to wear, and easier on the funds.

For this DIY you will need:

A chain- robbed off an old unused necklace- zero euro

x2 colours Embroidery thread- on hand- zero euro

Beads/Feathers etc. (optional)- taken from old unworn jewellry- zero euro


How to:

1. Decide on the pattern of your colours, and how wide or narrow your area of fringe is going to be.

2. Cut the thread double the length you want it hanging off the chain, then attatch it to the chain using that odd looping knot thing.

3. When you have finished looping and knotting, trim the thread to the same size. Then attatch different embellishments to the chain also. I personally think feathers would look very festivally- but in a good way of course!

Done! It really is that simple.