Floral Deer DIY

I saw a couple of these floating around on different blogs and I had fake flowers on hand, and also some turquoise silk. I thought the blue would look good with the orange- and I was right. So I made this…..


You will need:   2 fake flowers

                                some scrap fabric

                                white  cardboard (I used the lid of a box)

                                 Black marker

                                 hot glue gun (you could use ordinary PVA either)



1. Make a deer head template on paper. I had to use two pieces of paper to fit in the antlers.

2. Put your template on the back of your cardboard and draw around it.

3. Now for the frustrating bit… cut the cardboard. I did it with a scissors, but if that’s too hard you could use a cutter. Or a bloody chainsaw, it’s that awkward.

4. Draw a scribbly sort of outline on the cardboard and decide where you want to put the flowers. Cut off the stems and cut out some leaf shapes from the scrap fabric.

5. Decide where you want to put the “leaves” and flowers- then GLUE!

6. Let it dry before you hang it!