For When You Clear Out DIY

I had a massive spring clean of my bedroom today. I had lots of assorted JUNK lying around in piles and I REALLY needed to put them into something. So I got out the boxes I keep for no apparent reason, in the hope they will become useful (they did!) and the silicone cupcake cases, and this is what I made…For this you’ll need a minimum of two boxes, or as many as you need. Make sure they have lids. Also find a pair of knitting needles, because I used them to stab holes in the sides of the box. Finally get yourself some glue and you’re set!

Firstly, gather all your junk. Decide what type boxes you’ll need based on that, whether they will be big or small, narrow or wide, the works. Then try to arrange the smaller ones on the lid of the big one, so when you lift the lid of the botom box, everything will come with it.

What I did was simple enough, use a rectangular box on the bottom, so you can use the square box and the lid on top. See the pictures, GOD this DIY is hard to explain. Essentially you are just building a box thing.

So with the lid and the box beside each other on the rectangular lid, glue three silicone cupcake cases onto the square lid. I use the same chain for a lot of pendants, so the pendants were the perfect size for these. Now, for glueing the square lid down, I glued the side of it to the square box, because it was much easier than trying to put glue on barely-there widths of cardboard.

Simple? ish. The piccs will help, really, its very simple. Now stab some holes in the sides of the box with the knitting needles, to hang earrings on. Now just let it dry.