An Apology, A Goodbye, And Possible Good News

So first off, the apology:

ASDFGHJKL I’m so sorry I haven’t posted since like, forever!!!!!


And now, the goodbye… I feel like I can’t keep up this bog anymore because of things going on in my life at the moment. I’m really sorry if you’re upset by this, but here’s the good news, which will hopefully cheer you up!

I’m not giving up blogging altogether! Just this one! So you’ll find me… I promise 😉

I’ll put the link here later.





A Contradictory Purchase

Today I bought a kindle ereader. Now, if you’ve followed this blog you’ll have probably seen my post on how I preferred proper books to ereaders, and i still do, but I have been known to finish books in one sitting, so buying a book for the average price of ten euro seemed a little bit stupid for me to have finished it in a day…

So yeah, I tend to contradict myself a lot.

Well This Is Exciting

I just downloaded the wordpress app and now i can post on-the-go ! Fun 😀


I have been so busy lately… if you follow this blog, you’ll know I am obsessed with musicals! And recently (aka, since May) I have been rehearsing for the musical CATS! Yes, the Andrew Lloyd Webber one, and I’ve loved every minute of it! I was Rumpleteaser, a cat who is; to quote; remarkably good at a smash and grab! between her and her twin, (played by my dearly beloved pal Aimee) Mungojerrie, there was quite a few robberies in the junkyard 😉

    I haven’t DIY-ed anything in sooo long, or even painted my nails for that matter, but I have a black dress that is in need of an uplift, so expect some prettiness soon xx

Tim Burton Preview? Yes Please!

Okay, I just won preview tickets to Tim Burton’s new movie, Frankenweenie! Oh I am verrrrry excited, m’dears! If you have read past posts, you will know I am a MEGA fan of all things Burtonian, and this is just amayyyzing 😉

But I’m going to leave you with this random piece of information I just found out: Today is world porridge day.

A Few Weekend Reads

Yes you may be thinking, hold on here, it’s Tuesday! But that is because I’m giving you time to go to the library like the cool nerd you are and get the book so you have it for the weekend! See, I’m always thinking…. So I have read these books lately and luuuurved them so I am recommending them to you lovely jubblies…

If you like crazy, amazing, and hilarious guys read: Still Got It, Never Lost It by Louie Spence.

Yes, I am a Spence fan. Self-confessed and utterly obsessed. This is Louie’s autobiography and it is both sad and hilare and then of course, it’s Louie, why wouldn’t ya love it?


if you like books about people learning to be themselves read: Flick by Geraldine Meadle.

Flick is a true teenager who has made mistakes and is trying to be herself in a place where she won’t be accepted. But Joey, a girl she bumps into along the way teaches her that it isn’t about what everyone else thinks. I read this in one sitting, its that good.


if you like more out-there, fairytale like stories read: Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne.

John Boyne wrote Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, which is now a Major Motion Picture! oh I feel so cool writing that. But anyway, READ IT.


Bubblegum Ice-Cream Nail Art DIY

This is my first nail art DIY… I have always done nail art but never really thought to post it as a diy so… here!

You Will Need:

baby pink polish

light brown polish

blue polish


thin brush (doesn’t necessarily have to be a nail art brush, old eyeliner brushes and paintbrushes work just as well)



1. Apply a clear coat of polish to your nails so they don’t discolour, then apply the baby pink polish. when it dries, apply another coat of clear.

2. Make a cone, with the tip pointing to the bottom of your nail in the light brown.

3. Make a blue circular ice-crem shape thing on the top of the cone, then draw a little line on top with brown polish to make a flake. 😉

4, Wait for it to dry, then apply a topcoat and you are done!



An Autograph Book

My gran just showed me an autographnook from her last year in school. Pretty amazing. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera with me at the moment, I forgot it today. Oops. But I will show pics of this some day.

I adore reading other people’s take on Ireland, and found this post so funny! Are the irish seriously the only people to call them rashers? And yes, Elephant and Castle are the best.

I was completely blown away by these. My favourite is the first one though.

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