The Power of Changing the Buttons- DIY

Happy Christmas lovelies!

So this christmas, one of my aunts gave me an outfit which included a waistcoat. And I’m not arguing, I love the outfit! But the waistcoat was Plain Black and penultimately boring.

I have an auntie living in Oman, who sent me gorgey little buttons and beads and other pretties that I could use on my creative upcycling adventures, and this waistcoat made me seize the opportunity to have a quick day-after-christmas DIYing session…

Christmas2012 001

See? It’s an utterly boring, plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face waistcoat.

Probably made with the intention of department store staff wearing it as uniform.


Christmas2012 005

Switching up the buttons for AMAZINGNESS.





So, if you have been reading this blog for long, you will have picked up that I like shoes. A lot.  So I discovered Toms, shoes that were like those espadrilles but just that little bit prettier, and if you buy one pair, they give a pair to a child in need! I simply had to have a pair.. so along came Christmas and a rather wonderful auntie, who gave me a pair in purple (natch ;D). So the whole time since I got the shoes, I was meant to do the whatnots inside the box, aka “flying the Toms flag”. Flying the Toms flag entails taking a picture of you flying the flag and making it obvious to the world. So i took the pics, (last Christmas) and they have been waiting patiently on my laptop ever since. So today, that very same auntie gave me a pair for my birthday, (my birthday isnt until september but she lives abroad) and it reminded me of my flag-flying-adventure that was waiting to happen… here goes!

Weekend Away | outfit post


Jeans: Miss Selfridge. Top: Forever 21. Scarf: H&M. Dress: Penneys. Jacket: Gifted. Tights: Penneys.