The Power of Changing the Buttons- DIY

Happy Christmas lovelies!

So this christmas, one of my aunts gave me an outfit which included a waistcoat. And I’m not arguing, I love the outfit! But the waistcoat was Plain Black and penultimately boring.

I have an auntie living in Oman, who sent me gorgey little buttons and beads and other pretties that I could use on my creative upcycling adventures, and this waistcoat made me seize the opportunity to have a quick day-after-christmas DIYing session…

Christmas2012 001

See? It’s an utterly boring, plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face waistcoat.

Probably made with the intention of department store staff wearing it as uniform.


Christmas2012 005

Switching up the buttons for AMAZINGNESS.




Jellicle Cat Handwarmer DIY

So as we all know, Christmas is around the corner! And now I’d like to share one of my Christmas present DIYs… a Jellicle Cat handwarmer! Now, for those of you who don’t know what a Jellicle Cat is, click THIS link. I am a true Jellicle 😉 Rumpleteazer to be exact…

(this DIY doesn’t necessarily have to be a Jellicle Cat, it could be any sort of a cat at all if CATS isn’t a big part of your life)

But here’s the DIY, enjoy ❤


You’ll need-  Jersey cotton (an old t shirt would do)

                           Medium to lightweight cotton fabric

                           3 buttons

                           Something to pad out the ears with, I used more of the jersey cotton 🙂


                           Needle and thread


1. Cut out two cat shapes from the jersey cotton and the fabric.

2.Sew these together (pattern side in of course) leaving a hole where you’ll be filling it with rice/ padding the ears.

3. Once you’ve sewn it all up, fold some of the jersey into the triangular shape of the ears and pad it out. Now, sew it down at the bottom so it doesn’t fall out.

4. Sew on the three buttons to make eyes and a nose for your Jellicle.

5. *this is the hard part, trying not to spill rice EVERYWHERE* Fill your cat with rice. and an afterthought I had, put a few head of lavender into it as well!

6. Now sew up the hole and you’ve got a pretty little Jellicle! Heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and keep toasty…




Christmas Time

So I’ve finally started using my Pinterest account! I’ve had it for about six months and i haven’t used it until now… #shameful.

I also FINALLY got my camera working again, thankfully! we’ve had some very boring, photo-less blog posts recently, haven’t we?

And now, it’s Christmas Present Time… So excited to start making pressies again! So here are my top ideas, which will probably be made into gifts over the course of the month-

Vinyl bookends. I think I’ll be making a detour on the way home tomorrow to buy records ❤


DIY Tassel Scarf by A Beautiful Mess

This beauts tassle scarf from A Beautiful Mess


DIY Telephone Bookends

These vintage phone bookends, (i really love bookends) also from A Beautiful Mess

The Big Knit

Hello my lovelies! I’m sure at some stage in your life you’ve all had an Innocent Smoothie. yes? delish. But this year, I heard of a little thing called “The Big Knit”. This is where you knit a little hat for an innocent smoothie bottle and send it off to the people at Innocent, and they will be-hat a bottle and send it out to the shops, where for every smoothie that’s bought, 25c will be donated to Age Action Ireland. I thought this was amazingly cool.

    Now, how I came across this “Big Knit” is an odd tale. There happened to be only six people in my Home Ec class one day and our lovely teacher didn’t want to give a heavy workload to a mere six people- what a clever woman! So she produced knitting needles and a few balls of wool, and told us all about “The Big Knit” and taught us HOW to knit and here we are, in the blogosphere, as I record my journey through knitting-land! Yay!

First step- knit an awesome little mini hat using the instruction found HERE. Mine’s purple, naturally!

                                                                        You guys want to enter? Click up there, all the info’s on that page! 


Thats all I have done so far, but once I have it decorated I will post again!

Why I Like Ties

This post is dedicated to the humble but (in some peoples daily lives) essential tie, because I bought two today so I could make something fabulous! I really love ties, but I still can’t tie one…. but that’s okay! because there are about a billion other ways to use ties. And guess what? I’m going to share some of these ideas with you today! aren’t ye lucky! annie xo


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A Camera Strap!!! I think this would be easy to stitch together of a rainy day, don’t you?

Pinned Image

I came across this on pinterest, and even though this particular piece is actually a necklace, I think it would also be nice sewn onto a top like that? Who else thinks so?

So, yes, ties are amazing.

DIY Throwback

Hey there people of the internet. I have decided to show you an old DIY for sentimentality and whatnot. It’s cool to be able to look back at what has been made over the year (I think it’s been a year or so? I really should find out) so here we are, the Scrabble Peg:



Floral Deer DIY

I saw a couple of these floating around on different blogs and I had fake flowers on hand, and also some turquoise silk. I thought the blue would look good with the orange- and I was right. So I made this…..


You will need:   2 fake flowers

                                some scrap fabric

                                white  cardboard (I used the lid of a box)

                                 Black marker

                                 hot glue gun (you could use ordinary PVA either)



1. Make a deer head template on paper. I had to use two pieces of paper to fit in the antlers.

2. Put your template on the back of your cardboard and draw around it.

3. Now for the frustrating bit… cut the cardboard. I did it with a scissors, but if that’s too hard you could use a cutter. Or a bloody chainsaw, it’s that awkward.

4. Draw a scribbly sort of outline on the cardboard and decide where you want to put the flowers. Cut off the stems and cut out some leaf shapes from the scrap fabric.

5. Decide where you want to put the “leaves” and flowers- then GLUE!

6. Let it dry before you hang it!


Why, Hello There, Fringed Necklace!

I found something interesting in a magazine lately. A fringed necklace. A very nice fringed necklace, I might add. But it was rather big, and not totally wearable in everyday outfits, and also it was £32 for string attatched to a chain with a few beads hanging off it. So I made this in the hope that I would wear a fringed necklace, yet make it easier to wear, and easier on the funds.

For this DIY you will need:

A chain- robbed off an old unused necklace- zero euro

x2 colours Embroidery thread- on hand- zero euro

Beads/Feathers etc. (optional)- taken from old unworn jewellry- zero euro


How to:

1. Decide on the pattern of your colours, and how wide or narrow your area of fringe is going to be.

2. Cut the thread double the length you want it hanging off the chain, then attatch it to the chain using that odd looping knot thing.

3. When you have finished looping and knotting, trim the thread to the same size. Then attatch different embellishments to the chain also. I personally think feathers would look very festivally- but in a good way of course!

Done! It really is that simple.



DIY’s I Came Across And Really Did Mean To Make But Never Did

This is a post containing four DIYs I came across and meant to make and never did. Admit it, we all have done it….. There is a fly in the room now and he isreally starting to bug me. Anyway! Here!

This first one is a mini easel from AY Hand Crafts.

Here I found 18 different ways to repurpose old glasses, lenses and frames! seeing as I wear glasses I can do a lot of these NOW, but what is stopping you going out and buying a pair of cheapo sunglasses or specs? The people behind these ideas are located at The ReFab Diaries.

i think these are so pretty, and Mollie would love them! They will also photograph really cutely. I found this at An Everyday Story.

This Hello DIY, found at Skunkboy Blog, is super super cute.


How to Make a Mess and then Eat It DIY

I made cupcakes. No, I made a mess. But that’s the joys of it, isn’t it. Here is a recipe for a tasty mess:


125g self-raising flour

125g butter

125g caster sugar

1 tsp baking powder

2 eggs


1. Sieve the  flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl.

2. Add everything else: Beaten eggs, butter, and sugar then whisk until its creamy. It’s ready when it drops off a spoon easily.

3.Fill up the cases. I made twelve, but you might manage more.

4. Bake in an oven set to 190 degrees  for about 20 mins- 30 mins.

5. take out and place on a wire cooling rack.


My icing was an accident so I can’t give you directions, but I followed the instructions on the back of the packet, then added more water and food colouring!

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