Jellicle Cat Handwarmer DIY

So as we all know, Christmas is around the corner! And now I’d like to share one of my Christmas present DIYs… a Jellicle Cat handwarmer! Now, for those of you who don’t know what a Jellicle Cat is, click THIS link. I am a true Jellicle 😉 Rumpleteazer to be exact…

(this DIY doesn’t necessarily have to be a Jellicle Cat, it could be any sort of a cat at all if CATS isn’t a big part of your life)

But here’s the DIY, enjoy ❤


You’ll need-  Jersey cotton (an old t shirt would do)

                           Medium to lightweight cotton fabric

                           3 buttons

                           Something to pad out the ears with, I used more of the jersey cotton 🙂


                           Needle and thread


1. Cut out two cat shapes from the jersey cotton and the fabric.

2.Sew these together (pattern side in of course) leaving a hole where you’ll be filling it with rice/ padding the ears.

3. Once you’ve sewn it all up, fold some of the jersey into the triangular shape of the ears and pad it out. Now, sew it down at the bottom so it doesn’t fall out.

4. Sew on the three buttons to make eyes and a nose for your Jellicle.

5. *this is the hard part, trying not to spill rice EVERYWHERE* Fill your cat with rice. and an afterthought I had, put a few head of lavender into it as well!

6. Now sew up the hole and you’ve got a pretty little Jellicle! Heat in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and keep toasty…





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