So, if you have been reading this blog for long, you will have picked up that I like shoes. A lot.  So I discovered Toms, shoes that were like those espadrilles but just that little bit prettier, and if you buy one pair, they give a pair to a child in need! I simply had to have a pair.. so along came Christmas and a rather wonderful auntie, who gave me a pair in purple (natch ;D). So the whole time since I got the shoes, I was meant to do the whatnots inside the box, aka “flying the Toms flag”. Flying the Toms flag entails taking a picture of you flying the flag and making it obvious to the world. So i took the pics, (last Christmas) and they have been waiting patiently on my laptop ever since. So today, that very same auntie gave me a pair for my birthday, (my birthday isnt until september but she lives abroad) and it reminded me of my flag-flying-adventure that was waiting to happen… here goes!


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